Effectiveness of practiced management options to control rice bug

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Research Paper 01/01/2017
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Effectiveness of practiced management options to control rice bug

Tamanna Yeasmin, Md. Giush Uddin Ahmed, Mst. Nasrin Khanam, Most. Surovi Sultana, Ferdous Akter, S. M. Zillur Rahman, Mr. Sukleash George Costa, Mr. Augustin Baroi, Md. Taibur Rahman, Md. Abul Bashar Mollah, M. Ekramul Hoque
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.10( 1), 73-77, January 2017.
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The rice bug infestation was a serious problem for rice cultivation in Bangladesh. It caused damage of rice yield. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the performance of two organic and inorganic pesticide to control rice bug of BRRI Dhan-57. Two pest management systems, Amritapani and Snail+Melathion was tested to reduce rice bug at three locations (Paba, Baraigram, and Patnitala) in kharif season in Rajshahi Zone. Among three locations rice bug infestation of BRRI dhan-57 was highest at Paba and Patnitala location using Amritapani and lowest was at Paba location using Snail+Melathion. Between two pesticides Snail+Melathion was performed better than Amritapani at Paba location. Snail+Melathion applied plot was sowed lowest number of affected panicle and the lowest number of affected grain at Paba and Patnitala location and highest yield at Paba location. Finally it was observed that rice yield get back with the decreased of insect infestation.


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