Effects of different hot water pre-germination treatment and germination media on the germination of Falcata (Falcataria moluccana, (Miq.) Barneby and J.W. Grimes)

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Research Paper 01/02/2020
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Effects of different hot water pre-germination treatment and germination media on the germination of Falcata (Falcataria moluccana, (Miq.) Barneby and J.W. Grimes)

Niña May Rupinta, Michael Arieh P. Medina, Rico A. Marin
Int. J. Biosci.16( 2), 130-136, February 2020.
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Since hot water treatment is the most common pre-germination treatment for falcata seeds.  The ideal soaking time in hot water (100°C) to break dormancy of falcata seeds and the effective germination media that can enhanced germination were investigated.  The germination of seeds soaked in different length of time viz., 5 secs, 15 secs and 30 secs were compared.  The germination media used in this study were direct potting (70% soil, 20% sand, 10%vermi cast), cloth, and tissue paper, pure sand and pure soil.  All seeds treated with hot water were soaked overnight in tap water before transferring the seeds to the different germination media.  Higher germination percentage (66%) was observed in 30 second soaking in hot water.  The use of cloth resulted in significantly higher germination percentage as compared to other germination media.  It is recommended in this study to use 30-second soaking in hot water plus overnight soaking in tap water as pre-germination treatment and the use of cloth as germination media.


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