Effects of inorganic and organic fertilizer with phosphorous supplementation in the growth and yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) & soil properties

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Research Paper 01/12/2022
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Effects of inorganic and organic fertilizer with phosphorous supplementation in the growth and yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) & soil properties

Violijim R. Arangote, Rex Bomvet D. Saura, Genebei Faith S. Sajolan, Mariel L. Delgado, Evelyn A. Rapsing, Elmer C. Manatad
Int. J. Biosci.21( 6), 34-40, December 2022.
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Mungbean is economically important crop as protein source substitute locally known as “Monggo”. This experimental investigation assessed the response of Mungbean, Vigna radiata and the soil characteristics applied with four (4) treatment with four replication such as T1-Control, T2– 45-45-45kg NPK ha-1, T3-20 t ha-1 chicken manure + 45kg P ha-1, and T4 20 t ha-1 guano + 45kg P ha-1 in RCB design. Comparison of means revealed that all treatments do not give significant differences in plant height, number of leaves, weight of pods, weight of grains, weight of oven dried roots and shoots but only no of pods and nodulation were significant provided by ANOVA . The sufficient soil nutrient availability and high Phosphorous content provided by soil chemical analysis influences the growth and yield, dry matter and root nodules in control pots and at par performance results with the application of NPK, Chicken manure + P, and Guano + P. However soil property analysis after study duration revealed moderately alkaline pH,% 2.4–2.6% SOM, high to excessive P, and high K level indicative that soil condition improves with application of chicken and guano manure with Phosphorous addition compare to NPK + P. Furthermore, an increment of means on the number and weight of pods, weight of grains and dry matter of roots and shoots observed in the potted V. radiata L. supplemented with phosphorous rich organic fertilizer specifically chicken manure. Thus, Phosphorous supplementation increases growth and yield in leguminous V. radiata L. in this study.


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