Effects of lime and organic manure on cadmium content in soil and maize crop

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Research Paper 17/03/2024
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Effects of lime and organic manure on cadmium content in soil and maize crop

MA. Ullah, MR. Islam, MMH. Sarker, M. Mehnaz, HAK. Chowdhury, S. Karmaker, SM. Shamsuzzaman
Int. J. Biosci.24( 3), 195-201, March 2024.
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Toxic heavy metals like cadmium (Cd) contaminated industrial wastes and effluents are being discharged directly to soils.  Moreover, non-judicious use of chemical fertilizers especially phosphate have aggravated the Cd level of soil. Thus, the polluted soils need to be amended for crop production. With this idea in mind, pot experiment was conducted at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) net-house to examine the effect of lime and organic amendments on yield and Cd concentrations in maize grown in polluted soils. There were four treatments: no soil amendment (Control), Lime 10g pot-1, cow dung (CD) 80g pot-1 and poultry manure (PM) 80g pot-1. The addition of lime and organic matter (CD and PM) significantly increased the grain and stover yields of maize. Application of lime and organic manure to the soils reduced Cd concentration in the plant under study as compared with control. Overall, the addition of lime and organic manure to the soils increased the maize yields and reduced the Cd concentration in the plant as well as decrease the heavy metal phytoavailability under study as compared with control.


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