Effects of sanitary landfills on surface water quality in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State

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Research Paper 01/08/2013
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Effects of sanitary landfills on surface water quality in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State

E. O. Eteng, V. E. Offiong, R. A. Offiong
J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 8), 73-82, August 2013.
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The study assessed the effects of sanitary landfills on surface water quality in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State. Water samples were collected using ragolis plastic containers of 1.5 liters from surface water bodies within landfill sites and analysed using standard methods. DO, BOD and COD values obtained across the course of the river were far below WHO and FEPA minimum permissible limits for the discharge of effluents into surface water. TDS values were within WHO and FEPA minimum permissible limits of 500 mg/L, but turbidity values of the water bodies (2 to 949 NTU) were higher than WHO recommended limit of 5 NTU. The concentration of nitrate (NO3) and sulphate (SO4) ranged from 3.20 to 4.956mg/L, and between 3.72 to 194.3mg/L respectively; the values were far below WHO and FEPA maximum permissible levels of 10mg/L and 250mg/L respectively. ANOVA result revealed that the sampled surface water bodies did not vary significantly in the chemical composition of parameters (F =0.639, ≤0.05). The study suggested that government and cooperation individuals should institute close monitoring of the various human activities in the area to maintain the cleanliness of the area as well ensure the continuous suitability of surface water bodies


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