Effects of water stress on: mycorrhizal root colonization, chlorophyll pigment, number of spore, mycorrhizal dependency and nodules of two mycorrhizal leguminous plants (Tephrosia vogelii and Vigna subterranea) at an early stage of growth

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Research Paper 01/11/2015
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Effects of water stress on: mycorrhizal root colonization, chlorophyll pigment, number of spore, mycorrhizal dependency and nodules of two mycorrhizal leguminous plants (Tephrosia vogelii and Vigna subterranea) at an early stage of growth

Tsoata Esaïe, Njock Siméon Raphaël, Youmbi Emmanuel, Nwaga Dieudonné
J. Bio. Env. Sci.7( 5), 96-108, November 2015.
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The present study carried out in a randomized blocks design, aimed at evaluating the effects of water stress on root colonization, mycorrhizal dependency, number of spores and number of root nodules of mycorrhizal T. vogelii and V. subterranea. The four treatments applied were: 90, 60, 30 and 15 for control, low, average, severe stress respectively, with or without AMF and for 31days. Results obtained showed that, with respect to stress severity, the harmful effects of water stress were more marked with T. vogelii compaired to V. subterranea. However, the mycorhization alleviated the negative impacts of the water stress thus favored root nodule installation. The AMF increased significantly the number of root nodules for the two leguminous plants used in this study for both unmycorrhizal or mycorrhizal plants. One could thus conclude that, the mycorrhizal inoculum used could serve as an effective microbial material for alleviating the harmful impacts of water stress on leguminous plants growth at an early stage of development.


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