Efficacy of green algae (Ulva lactuca) extract and commercial algae products on late blight disease and the impact on yield and chemical composition of potato tubers

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Research Paper 01/07/2018
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Efficacy of green algae (Ulva lactuca) extract and commercial algae products on late blight disease and the impact on yield and chemical composition of potato tubers

Soad M. Ahmed, Saad R. El-Zemity, Rasha E. Selim, Helmy A. Aamer
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.13( 1), 67-77, July 2018.
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Field experiments was carried out during the successive winter season of 2014/2015 at the Research station of Faculty of Agriculture Alexandria University, Alexandria,Egypt, to study the effect of foliar spray with green algae (Ulva lactuca) extract and three of commercial algae products (Algifol, Cytokan-S, and Start-S) against Potato Late blight disease and their impact on yield and chemical composition of potato plants. It was clear that all the treatments had a significant deterrent effect on the development of late blight disease and a positive effect on potato yield of the two varieties which used. Effect of application of algae treatments to control potato late blight disease on the tuber yield quality was not clear or specific. Unlikely these parameters are more relevant to potato variety.


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