Estimation of population density of apricot leaves aphid Hyalopterus pruni Geoffroy and effectiveness of some chemical pesticides in control

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Research Paper 15/10/2022
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Estimation of population density of apricot leaves aphid Hyalopterus pruni Geoffroy and effectiveness of some chemical pesticides in control

Feryal Bahjat Hermize, Ali Majid Omran, Nidaa Saud AlShammary
J. Bio. Env. Sci.21( 4), 95-100, October 2022.
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The study, which was conducted in Baghdad/Jadiriyah Governorate, aimed to estimate the population density of Hyalopterus pruni and its natural enemies. Its highest rates reached in the third week of April, reaching 166.1 and 150.20 for nymphs and adults, respectively. A number of predators have been recorded including Coccinella septempunctata, Coccinella undecimpunctata, Ccymnus syricus, Chrysoperla carnea and Orius albidipennis. results of evaluating the efficacy of pesticides Levo, Recharg and Decisan showed effectiveness of pesticides on nymphs was 92.67%, 90.00% and 87.33%, respectively, and on adults 96.33%, 93.15% and 90.00%, respectively, after 18 days of control.


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