Ethnobotanical profiling of vegetative flora of Hajira Village Kalpur (Davigali) Union Council, Banteeni District Poonch Azad Kashmir

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Research Paper 18/03/2024
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Ethnobotanical profiling of vegetative flora of Hajira Village Kalpur (Davigali) Union Council, Banteeni District Poonch Azad Kashmir

Tahsin Razzaq, Aqsa Ejaz, Mehmoona Saghir, Amna Mustafa, Danaia Habib, Saiqa Nazeer, Rafia
Int. J. Biosci.24( 3), 223-232, March 2024.
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This research survey was originated with the aim to explore the knowledge of indigenous medicinal plants of Hajira village Kalpur (Davigali) District Poonch Azad Kashmir. The study was conducted from June 2022 to October 2022. The field trips were conducted and information was taken from the local people of selected area using structure and semi structured in individual and group discussion. Information was gathered on 30 plants belonging to 20 different families. Most of the plants have multiple local uses. Various quantities indices such as Family contribution, Mode of administration and plant parts were used to obtain the suitable information. Among families, the contribution of Rosaceae was highest (20%). In mode of administration extract, powder showed great contribution of 13% while contribution of leaves, fruits was 20% and in diseases category, 32 diseases were treated including antidiabetic (8%), Cancer and Urinary infection (7%). The present research provides valuable information on important medicinal flora of Hajira village Kalpur (Davigali) District Poonch Azad Kashmir. This study concluded that the studied area has diverse vegetation and have good potential for ethno botanical aspects.


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