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Ethnobotany of medicinal plants in the region Béni chougrane (Mascara, Algeria)

Research Paper | July 1, 2016

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Marouf Baghdad, Meddah Boumediene, Anteur Djamel, Baghdadi Djilali

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.9( 1), 426-433, July 2016


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This herbal study was conducted in the Mascara region (Beni Chougrane), whose population is closely linked to the various natural resources. our study is to provide a floristic inventory of medicinal plants and to collect information concerning the uses Therapeutic made in said region.The results of our study have identified 72 medicinal species used by local people in traditional medicine, owned 38 families, the most common used: Lamiaceae, Apiaceae and Asteraceae, and we established a herbarium sheets for each plant. Thus it had been found the modes used in the form of decoction and infusion. The results also showed that medicinal plants are used in the following diseases: hypertension and diabetes.


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Ethnobotany of medicinal plants in the region Béni chougrane (Mascara, Algeria)

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