Evaluate the impact of strength parameters on soil bearing capacity

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Research Paper 01/07/2014
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Evaluate the impact of strength parameters on soil bearing capacity

Dadkhah Rasool, Hoseeinmirzaee Zahra
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 1), 670-677, July 2014.
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In this study, the role and effect of soil resistance including soil cohesion strength, internal friction angle and modulus of soil deformation have been investigated. In order to execute large structures on earth material, subsurface soils should be identified based on radius of stress effects caused by dimensions foundation. To evaluate the impact of the resistive parameters of the soil bearing capacity, Input data for this study was provided from exploratory boreholes, field researches and Laboratory results within the west of Esfahan. According to the results of review and analysis of the tests conducted on soils of the region, they can be divided into two groups. Then, according to the existing empirical criteria, safe and allowable bearing capacity is calculated and finally, the impact of strength and geometric parameters of foundation is been studied.


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