Evaluation of Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract on Learning and Memory-enhancing activityin albino Wistar rats

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Research Paper 01/02/2019
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Evaluation of Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract on Learning and Memory-enhancing activityin albino Wistar rats

Mrityunjoy Das, Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Kamal Krishna Biswas, Sayeda Bodrun Nesa, Monira Khatun, Md. Belal Uddin
Int. J. Biosci.14( 2), 463-471, February 2019.
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To explore the potential effect of ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum(A. pyrethrum) in memory dysfunction. Memory impairment was produced by administration of scopolamine (1mg/ kg i. p) in rats. Passive avoidance paradigms, elevated plus maze and social learning task was used to assess learning and memory. A.  pyrethrum extract treated group decreased transfer latency in elevated plus maze model paradigm which is an indicative of cognition improvement. In case of passive avoidance paradigm extract treated group exhibited prounced effect in reversal of scopolamine induced amnesia which was revealed by increase in step down latency. Social learning task also revealed the memory enhancing activity of A. pyrethrum  extract. Ethanolic extract of A.pyrethrumhas been demonstrated to improve cognitive processes by enhancing memory in different experimental paradigms such as passive avoidance paradigms, elevated plus maze and social learning task when administered orally brain cholinesterase level was measured to assess centralcholinergic activity. The present study suggest that ethanolic extract of A.  pyrethrum increased brain cholinesterase level and henceit possess memory enhancing activity in scopolamine induced amnesia model by enhancing central cholinergic neurotransmission.


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