Evaluation of plant diversity indices and the biomass of Pistacia atlantica under drought stress in grazing and enclosed area (case study: Tag-e Ahmad Shahi, Nehbandan, Iran)

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Research Paper 01/08/2014
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Evaluation of plant diversity indices and the biomass of Pistacia atlantica under drought stress in grazing and enclosed area (case study: Tag-e Ahmad Shahi, Nehbandan, Iran)

SholehGhollasimood, Omar Amousi, AbasaliMahmoodi
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 2), 276-285, August 2014.
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Preparing floristic composition is very important to determine vegetation potential in an area to achieve the best pasture management. In order to plant identification in grazing and enclosed areas (each 4 hectares) 40 plots were established (10*10 m) in Tag-e Ahmad Shahi, Nehbandan. This area has involved in a long period of drought and grazing and the effect of these two factors were studied. All plants were collected and identified and according to Raunkiaer system life-forms were determined. To estimate biomass, height and DBH of all Pistacia atlantica were measured and in order to calculate diversity indices, BIO-DAP (Biodiversity Data Analysis Package) was used. In general, in enclosed area 46 species, 41 genus belong to 21 families were identified and Asteraceae with 15 species was the most spacious families, while in grazing area 9 species, 9 genus belong to 8 families were identified. Shannon and Simpson indices in enclosed area were 2.82 and 0.92, while it was 2.09 and 0.12, respectively. Biomass was 93.75 kg/ha and 62.5 kg/ha in enclosed and grazing area. Despite 13 year drought and rainfall less than 80 mm in recent years, the number of seedling and sapling has been increased in enclosed area and grazing is the main factor to reduce plant species in grazing area.


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