Evaluation of soil fertility using soil nutrients and chemical properties as parameters in fields of Honnalitaluk of Davanagere District, Karnataka

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Research Paper 13/02/2023
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Evaluation of soil fertility using soil nutrients and chemical properties as parameters in fields of Honnalitaluk of Davanagere District, Karnataka

Prashanth Kumar CS., Parameshwara Naik T., Malathesh Pari
Int. J. Biosci.22( 2), 231-238, February 2023.
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A study was conducted to analyse the nutrient status and chemical properties of soils of Honnali Taluk of Davanagere District, Karnataka state. Eight villages were included in the study. Soil samples were collected and analyzed as per the standard protocols. Chemical properties viz pH, electrical conductivity and organic carbon content were found to be good for crop growth. Amount of primary nutrients was high except for nitrogen. Other nutrients viz sulphur, zinc, iron, manganese and copper were also high in the soil except for boron. Supplementation need to be given for nitrogen and boron. Crops like cereals, pulses, vegetables, flowers and plantation crops can be successfully grown in these soils with proper management practices.


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