Evaluation of spring wheat genotypes for heat tolerance using cell membrane thermostability

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Research Paper 01/05/2018
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Evaluation of spring wheat genotypes for heat tolerance using cell membrane thermostability

Shadab Shaukat, Abdus Salam Khan, Makhdoom Hussain, Muhammad Kashif, Nisar Ahmad
Int. J. Biosci.12( 5), 289-294, May 2018.
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Heat stress causes major loss at reproductive stage in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) productivity. Wheat is a basic staple food in many countries all over the world. The present study was performed to find out the possible effects of heat tolerance on wheat genotypes. During experimentation, 120 spring wheat genotypes were used for evaluating heat tolerance in open field (normal) and in tunnel (heat stress). This resulted in 15 genotypes with diverse genetic makeup as 5 heat tolerant (HT), 5 heat susceptible (HS) and 5 medium tolerant (MT) wheat genotypes based on their relative values of cell membrane thermostability (CMT). ANOVA for CMT depicted highly significant differences among genotypes under both environments. It was concluded that V-13248, MISR 1, AARI- 11, V-13013 and V-12103 could be regarded as heat tolerant whereas V-12056, Millat-11, Chenab- 2000, ND643 and V-12082 as heat susceptible and Shafaq-06, WBLL1, CHIBIA, PBW65 and V-13016 as medium tolerant. These genotypes can cope up the heat stress efficiently and they can be utilized for developing heat tolerant genotypes. CMT was good marker for development of heat tolerant wheat genotypes with addition to grain yield.


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