Evaluation of total Carbon and total Nitrogen content in two Algeria regions under the effect of three tillage systems

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Research Paper 01/01/2018
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Evaluation of total Carbon and total Nitrogen content in two Algeria regions under the effect of three tillage systems

Daroui Atika, Weisskopf Peter, Oberholzer Hans-Rudolf, Benslama, Mohamed
Int. J. Biosci.12( 1), 409-415, January 2018.
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In agriculture, soil total carbon (TC) and total nitrogen (TN) were the major determinants for soil fertility and indicators of soil quality, were closely related to soil productivity. Numerous field studies have shown that crop management practices can either enhance or diminish quantities of soil TC and soil TN. One hypothesized goal of sustainable agriculture is to increase soil OC and soil TN, or to maintain these quantities close to optimal levels. This study aims to evaluate total Carbon and total Nitrogen content in two Algeria regions under the effect of three tillage systems (plough tillage (PT), reduced tillage (RT), no tillage (NT)). The results showed significant correlations between the content of TC and TN in the two regions and all tillage systems. Comparable differences between tillage systems and regions for TC and the C/N ratio in the entire set of samples suggest that more input of new, litter-derived organic matter with large C/N ratios promotes larger TC concentrations in two the study site. The content of TC and TN where the correlation between TC and the C / N ratio in the whole set of samples is much greater.Increases in TC were positively correlated to increases in the C / N ratio. The declining C / N ratios in NT and RT in two regions are more important than they have been in the past.


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