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Research Paper | April 1, 2015

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Examining the environmental attitudes of the employees in Aghajari oil and gas exploitation company

Saadat Aghajari, Leila Ebrahimi Ghavam Abadi

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.6(4), 498-503, April 2015


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Evaluating the behavior and performance of people for the sake of accessing the basic principles of sustainable living are an effective step to protect the environment. The present study aimed to examine environmental attitudes of the employees in Aghajary Oil and Gas Exploitation Company. For this purpose, a questionnaire was prepared containing 20 demographic questions and 19 questions related to examining environmental attitude. The questionnaire was completed by 350 employees of the company. Data obtained from the questionnaires was analyzed using SPSS. The results showed that environmental attitude is at high positive level (mean=84.92). The effect of individual factors such as gender, age, education and work experience on environmental attitudes of the employees was also examined. The results showed no significant difference between individual factors and environmental attitudes of the employees.


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Examining the environmental attitudes of the employees in Aghajari oil and gas exploitation company

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