Factor analysis of implementation of operationalization of forest management units (FMU) in Hulu Sungai Forest Management Unit (FMU) South Kalimantan Province

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Research Paper 01/07/2019
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Factor analysis of implementation of operationalization of forest management units (FMU) in Hulu Sungai Forest Management Unit (FMU) South Kalimantan Province

Muhamad Saberansyah, Muhammad Ruslan, Badaruddin Hamdie
J. Bio. Env. Sci.15( 1), 30-37, July 2019.
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As a site-level forest management institution, Forest Management Unit (FMU) is a regional entity at the site level with a special organization to ensure increased regional certainty and the implementation of sustainable management of areas for the environmental functions. The objective to be achieved is to identify and analyze the factors that influence the implementation of the operation of the Hulu Sungai FMU and provide an alternative formulation that are ideal for independent and professional FMU. The SWOT analysis is used to determine the identification of various factors systematically and determine the direction of the strategy in increasing the effectiveness and implementation of the operationalization of FMU. The results of this study are (1) The internal environmental factors that are strengths are (a) policy support and commitment of the local government (b) the potential for forest use is quite extensive; while weaknesses are (a) lack of competency in human resources (b) lack of data on potential forest resources and forest use. Opportunities for external environmental factors are (a) community support, academics and international relations (b) the potential for the utilization of forest products; while threats including (a) high conflict of land tenure (b) weak forest security and protection. (2) Results of the AHP to set a goal of the operational implementation of the Hulu Sungai FMU with 5 criteria and 14 indicators that the main priority at the criteria level is Forest Management (0.381) and at the indicator level being the top priority is Increasing Community Management Access (0.249).


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