Fertilization strategies on Mulberry (Morus alba L. var. Alfonso) plants under sweet potato-based agroforestry system

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Research Paper 10/11/2022
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Fertilization strategies on Mulberry (Morus alba L. var. Alfonso) plants under sweet potato-based agroforestry system

Marjohn V. Anislag, Lilito D. Gavina
J. Bio. Env. Sci.21( 5), 24-34, November 2022.
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This study aimed to determine the growth yield performance per plant of mulberry (M. alba L. var. Alfonso) in terms of fresh weight biomass yield (g), number of shoots, weight of shoots, length of the longest shoot (cm), diameter of the longest shoot (mm), number of leaves and weight of leaves as influenced by fertilization strategies intercropped with sweet potato (Ipomea batatas L.) varieties. Results of the study revealed that the plants applied with RR 100% Chicken Compost, RR 100% Urea & RR 50% Chicken Compost + RR 50% Urea were comparable with each other and significantly favored on the fresh weight biomass yield (g), number of shoots, weight of shoots (g), length of the longest shoot (cm), diameter of the longest shoot (mm), number of leaves and weight of leaves (g) per mulberry (M. alba var. Alfonso) plant intercropped with sweet potato varieties over the plants with no fertilizer application. Consequently, the fertilization strategies prominently favored on the growth yield performance of mulberry (M. alba var. Alfonso) plant. This intercropping scheme as agroforestry practice provides additional income, increase carbon stocks in soil and woody biomass and maintain the most soil fertility properties. It further contributes to climate change mitigation through reforestation and carbon sequestration. The use of RR 100% Chicken Compost, RR 100% Urea and RR 50% Chicken Compost + RR 50% Urea is recommended to mulberry (M. alba var. Alfonso) tree plantations intercropped with high value agricultural crops like sweet potato.


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