Field-specific nitrogen management for sugarcane using electrical conductivity in-situ measurements

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Research Paper 01/04/2020
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Field-specific nitrogen management for sugarcane using electrical conductivity in-situ measurements

Andrea M Flores, Pearl B Sanchez, Pompe C Sta Cruz, Rodrigo B Badayos, Patrick M Rocamora
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.16( 4), 43-53, April 2020.
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The study was conducted to determine the potential use of soil electrical conductivity (EC) in developing field-specific nitrogen fertilizer recommendation for sugarcane. Relationship of field EC (in-situ measurement) with other soil physico-chemical properties such as texture, cation exchange capacity (CEC), pH, total N, available P and exchangeable bases including K, Ca and Mg were established. Soil samples representing the following series; Guimbalaon (Typic Hapludands), Silay (Aquic Hapludalfs), Manapla (Typic Hapludults), Pulupandan (Typic Ustipsamments), San Manuel (Typic Eutrudepts), La Castellana (Typic Humitrudepts) and Bago (Vertic Argiudolls) in La Carlota Sugar Mill District, Negros Occidental, Philippines were studied. Significant positive relationships were observed between field EC and soil pH (r=0.51*), laboratory EC (r=0.59*), CEC (r=0.74**), clay content (r=0.74**) and exchangeable Ca (r=0.79**) and Mg (r=0.86**), while negative correlation was noted between field EC and sand content (r=-0.57*). The field EC measurements in relation to other soil physico-chemical properties were used to delineate boundaries and develop different management zones presented as EC map using GIS approach. This study suggests that field-specific N fertilizer application can be managed using field EC monitoring especially in large crop production areas such as in sugarcane wherein easy and rapid soil nutrient status monitoring is needed.


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