First Record of genus Neoclarkinella Rema and Narendran, 1996 (Braconidae: Microgastrinae) from Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/05/2018
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First Record of genus Neoclarkinella Rema and Narendran, 1996 (Braconidae: Microgastrinae) from Pakistan

Noushaba Nargis, Muhammad Naeem, Imran Bodlah, Arif Mehmood, Zuhaib Ahmad
Int. J. Biosci.12( 5), 282-288, May 2018.
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Neoclarkinella Rema and Narendran, 1996 is a rarely found genus belonging to subfamily Microgastrinae, previously reported only from Philpines, China, Thailand, Malaysia and India. In the present study this genus was explored from Murree, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. To collect the specimens sweep net and mouth operated aspirator was used. Killed specimens were preserved and identified in Biosystematics Labortary, Department of Entomology, PMAS AAUR. Three species of Oriental genus Neoclarkinella Rema and Narendran, 1996 namely, Neoclarkinella janakikkadensis, Neoclarkinella punctata and Neoclarkinella narendrani have been reported first time from Pakistan. A key to these species of genus Neoclarkinella Rema and Narendran has been provided along with photographs and their distribution range.


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