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Floral diversity of yasin valley Gilgit-baltistan Pakistan

Research Paper | December 1, 2019

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Allah Nawaz Khan, Shazia Iqbal, Muhammad Asif Akram, Muhammad Sufyan, Tahir Irfan, Abdul Basit

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Int. J. Biosci.15( 6), 107-114, December 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/15.6.107-114


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Present study work was conducted to analyze and investigate the current status of floral diversity in the unique part of the land known as yasin Valley located in Gilgit baltistan Pakistan. Area is famous due to its famous lakes, streams, ponds and high peak mountains. Unique geography and beautiful mountains ranges of Hindu-kush himalayas and Karakorum has different altitudes at different points. Extensive study surveyed were conducted during March  2018 to September 2019 and sample of 59 plant species belong to different  families  from  high peaks mountains and lower valley were gathered, dried pressed for herbarium record in university agriculture Faisalabad. Floral diversity of Herbs 63%, shrubs 13% and 24% of trees were recorded.


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Floral diversity of yasin valley Gilgit-baltistan Pakistan

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