Floristic study of the rangeland Gugerd region in Khoy city (West Azarbaijan Province, NW Iran)

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Research Paper 01/06/2015
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Floristic study of the rangeland Gugerd region in Khoy city (West Azarbaijan Province, NW Iran)

Sakineh Moradkhani, Bahador Sheikhkanluye Milan
J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 6), 48-59, June 2015.
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Gugerd rangelands located in 35 km northwest of Khoy city due to the specific conditions of climate, topography have upper biodiversity and species richness. In this research for the first time, the floristic compositions of the region were studied. To study this region flora, plant samples were collected from different parts of the region from May to late October in 2013 and then by using of the available resources plant samples were identified. Studies showed which flora of this region includes 278 plant species belonging to 166 genera and 49 families from the vascular plants. Among the existence family in the region, Asteraceae family with 19 genera and 41 species is the biggest family, and among the genera, Astragalus genus from Leguminosae (Fabaceae) family, with 15 species were detected as the most various ones. Studying of plant life forms by Raunkiaer method showed that Hemicryptophytes with 48% and Therophytess with 20% were the dominant life forms of a region. Also, the chorological study indicated that 59.7 percent of plants chorotype belonged to Irano – Turanian region. Moreover, in this research, the scientific name, the rare and endemic species, have been determined by using of the available resources. The results showed that, 26 identified species in this region (9.3 percent of total identified species in region) were endemic species of Iran and let it not remain unsaid that 15species were rare and endangered (5.3% of the total species in region). These plants need a strong conservation and protection management since the fragile ecosystems are often very restricted, small and isolated, Howere overgrazing is still a common threat.


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