Fragrant grass and essential oil industry development program in Cagayan Valley

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Research Paper 06/02/2023
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Fragrant grass and essential oil industry development program in Cagayan Valley

Nenette T. Columna, Zarina Kate C. Laggui, Lauro J. Julian, Roje Marie Clemente
Int. J. Biosci.22( 2), 73-83, February 2023.
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Cymbopogon grasses such as lemongrass and citronella are widely known as source of indigenous medicine and essential oils of various uses. At present, the cultivation of these species is still at an early stage, and the intensive processing and manufacturing industry of its products are yet to be established in the region. Hence, this research was conducted with the goal to provide vital scientific information and research-based technology geared toward the development of the fragrant grass industry in Region 2. The study made use of a Randomized Complete Block Design for its nutrient management trial. Steam distillation is the primary method used for essential oil extraction. Results revealed that among the three fragrant grass varieties, citronella recorded the highest in terms of plant height, number of tillers, and plant weight. Except for a number of tillers for the white lemon grass variety at 4 months, the level of fertilizer application does not substantially affect the fragrant grasses’ agronomic characteristics, which implies that the recommended nutrient and fertilizer requirement is already sufficient. The highest oil recovery and yield is recorded for citronella, followed by the red and white lemongrass cultivar, respectively. In lemongrass, oil yield is higher when the leaves are extracted fresh rather than air-dried, but the opposite is observed in citronella where air-dried leaves give higher oil yield.


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