Fruit morphology of the genus Rumex L. (Polygonaceae) in Iran

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Research Paper 01/07/2014
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Fruit morphology of the genus Rumex L. (Polygonaceae) in Iran

Solmaz Shahla, Ali Asghar Maassoumi, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Hamdi, Iraj Mehregan, Taher Nejadsattari
J. Bio. Env. Sci.5( 1), 655-663, July 2014.
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The genus Rumex with about 23 species is one of the most important species of the family Polygonaceae in Iran. In order to reveal the relationship of Rumex species we used fruit morphological characters including valve and achene features. Valves size and shape are variable among species. All taxa have trigonous achene but their size and color are different. R. Acetosella as only species of subgenus Acetosella shows uncertain placement in phenogram. R. tuberosus and R. pictus belong to subgenus Acetosa but they are located in cluster with species of subgenus Rumex. Our results show that the current classification of the genus Rumex into 3 subgenera is not correct.


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