Genetic study and selection of soybean lines for higher yield

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Research Paper 01/02/2016
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Genetic study and selection of soybean lines for higher yield

A.K.M.S. Islam, U.K. Nath, P.K. Rai, M.M. Rahman, M.A. Haque, M.A. Rahman
Int. J. Biosci.8( 2), 209-217, February 2016.
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Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) is a foremost source of oil and protein worldwide. The demand of soybean has increased tremendously in Bangladesh though the yield cannot keep pace with the growing demand due to differences in varietal performance. Therefore, the present study has been undertaken to assess the morphological features and yield attributes of different soybean genotypes which may help in estimating the heritability and genetic advances of yield and yield components among different soybean genotypes. A field experiment was conducted during Rabi season with 10 soybean genotypes using randomized complete block design with three replications. Nevertheless, all of the studied characters revealed significant divergence among different soybean genotypes. The genotypes BARI Soybean-5, BAU-S/147, AV-14, Sohag, BAU-S/109 and AV-78 produced high yield per plant. The genotype BAU-S/70 was the tallest one and AV-14, AV-73 and Sohag were early maturing genotypes. High genotypic and phenotypic variance were observed for flowers per plant, pods per plant, plant height and days to maturity whereas low genotypic and phenotypic variance were recorded for harvest index, seeds per pod, 100 seed weight and branches per plant. High heritability values accompanied with high genotypic coefficient of variation and high genetic advance as percentage of mean were also observed for harvest index, yield per plot, yield per plant, seeds per pod, pods per plant, flowers per plant, plant height and branches per plant. The findings of the study will play a pivotal role in selection of superior soybean genotypes in terms of yield and yield components for further genetic improvement.


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