Genotyping of rice germplasm for bacterial blight resistant gene (Xa7)

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Research Paper 01/04/2016
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Genotyping of rice germplasm for bacterial blight resistant gene (Xa7)

Muhammad Ishaq Ibrahim, Fida Muhammad Abbasi, Malik Ashiq Rabbani, Abdul Qayyum, Sohail Ahmad Jan, Shahid Ali Khan, Haris Khurshid, Muhammad Ilyas, Ashtar Khan, Nadar Khan, Sabir Hussain Shah, Muhammad Zahid Kiani, Yasir Khan
Int. J. Biosci.8( 4), 28-35, April 2016.
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Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of most important cash crops in all over the world. Bacterial blight is a severe disease of rice caused by Xanthomonas Oryza. Abiotic control of this disease is expensive and cause environmental pollution. Therefore host plant resistance is one of the best ways to produce bacterial blight resistance in rice genotype. In present study bacterial blight resistance gene Xa7 was investigated in important rice genotypes. Bacterial blight resistance gene Xa7 was screened in 49 important rice genotypes by using specific primers linked to Xa7gene. The desire sequence (207 bp) of Xa7 gene was amplified through a set of specific sequence tag site molecular markers through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Out of 49 genotypes, 23 showed the presence of Xa-7 gene and these cultivars will be useful to control of this lethal disease.


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