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Geochemistry of rare earth elements of magnetite and apatite in choghartiron depositand comparison with kirunairon depositand study the origin of choghart deposit (Bafq, Central Iran)

Research Paper | January 1, 2015

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Zohreh Hossein Mirzaei Beni, Ebrahim Panahpour

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.6( 1), 690-698, January 2015


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The Choghart iron oxide-apatite deposit is placed within felsic volcanic tuffs, rhyolite rocks and volcanic-sedimentary sections belonging to the lower Cambrian period. The major ore in the Choghart deposit includes amounts of magnetite and little amounts of hematite. These ores come with silicate albite gangues, quartz, actinolite, tremolite and apatite. Chogh artapatites are fluorapatite type with OH and CI. Choghart apatites showed enriched from LREE and depleted from EU. This distribution is similar to the rare earth elements distribution in the iron apatite Kiruna deposit. Choghart magnetite show depletion of Eu and Ce and enrichment of Gd and Pr. This depletion and enrichment are also seen in Kiruna-type apatite iron deposits. Choghart deposit is in the range of iron-apatite deposits (IOA) and a subgroup of the IOCG group and Kiruna-type deposits.Comparing the geochemistry of magnetite and apatite in the Choghart deposit with the Kiruna-type deposits shows a magmatic origin for Choghart.


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Geochemistry of rare earth elements of magnetite and apatite in choghartiron depositand comparison with kirunairon depositand study the origin of choghart deposit (Bafq, Central Iran)

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