Geometric morphometric analysis in determining phenotypic variability of Bugwan,(Hypseleotris agilis, Herre) in Lake Mainit, Philippines

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Research Paper 01/06/2019
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Geometric morphometric analysis in determining phenotypic variability of Bugwan,(Hypseleotris agilis, Herre) in Lake Mainit, Philippines

Clevin P. Libay, Virgilio B. Ratunil Jr., Gideon A. Ebarsabal, Gregorio Z. Gamboa, Jr., Emmylou A. Borja, Judy Ann A. Ga, Mary Grace E. Eclipse, Dexter Q. Mahomoc, Cresencio C. Cabuga Jr.
Int. J. Biosci.14( 6), 61-70, June 2019.
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The environment and genetic composition highly attribute to the phenotypes of an organism. This study was carried out to assess the phenotypic variability in the body shapes of Hypseleotris agilis or locally known as Bugwan from Lake Mainit, Philippines using Geometric Morphometric Analysis. Sixty samples consisting of 30 males, and 30 females were randomly collected and subjected to Symmetry and Asymmetry Geometric Data (SAGE) Software. A significant variation was observed in the body shapes among the two sexes from the data provided by Procrustes ANOVA, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) while supported in the visualization of Implied Deformation and Histogram. A difference in the morphology was observed among the two sexes indicating a body shape variations. Such dissimilarities were associated and considered to be the result of adaptation and selection pressure coming from the environmental condition. Thus, the use of geometric morphometric analysis helps to quantify phenotypic variation within the community of species.


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