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Geotechnical evaluation of rock cut slopes using basic Rock Mass Rating (RMRbasic), Slope Mass Rating (SMR) and Kinematic Analysis along Islamabad Muzaffarabad Dual Carriageway (IMDC), Pakistan

Research Paper | July 1, 2018

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Mian Sohail Akram, Luqman Ahmed, Salman Farooq, Mirza Abdul Ahad, Syed Muzammil Hussain Zaidi, Mifzala Khan, Muhammad Usman Azhar

Key Words:

J. Bio. Env. Sci.13( 1), 298-306, July 2018


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Present study focuses on the geotechnical evaluation of rock instability along Islamabad -Muzaffarabad Dual Carriageway (IMDC). Review of the recent literature helped devising the methodology and accordingly activities for field studies were planned. Field studies included identifications of instability prone sites, recording of slope geometry, undertaking discontinuity surveys to record characteristics of the discontinuity for onward slope/rock mass characterization and classification, and rock/soil sampling at the representative locations for each rock/ soil units. Some field testing on rock samples was also undertaken. The field data was empirically and kinematically analyzed for the appraisal of slope failures and quality of rock mass. As outcome of the kinematic analyses, 38% sections have potential for plane and wedge failures. The rock quality lies in fair category as the result of rock mass rating (RMR). The slopes are partially stable to completely unstable according to slope mass rating (SMR). In view of the stability assessment of the studied sites and prevailing failure mechanisms, appropriate remedial measures were proposed for short as well long-term stability comprising rock benching, scaling off of loose rock blocks on the slopes, widening and periodic cleaning of catchment ditches, rehabilitation of existing retaining walls, shotcreting and rock bolting.


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Geotechnical evaluation of rock cut slopes using basic Rock Mass Rating (RMRbasic), Slope Mass Rating (SMR) and Kinematic Analysis along Islamabad Muzaffarabad Dual Carriageway (IMDC), Pakistan

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