Germination and survival of Syzygium polycephaloides (C. B. Rob.) Merr. (Myrtaceae) under varying seed storage duration

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Research Paper 09/03/2024
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Germination and survival of Syzygium polycephaloides (C. B. Rob.) Merr. (Myrtaceae) under varying seed storage duration

Jan Orville P. Bautista, Novelyn D. Buhong
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 3), 56-64, March 2024.
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S. polycephaloides or lipote is native in the Philippines that needs protection and conservation due to its usefulness and is considered as vulnerable and endangered. However, no studies were conducted about the effect of seed storage in germination and survival of S. polycephaloides. The study aimed to address this gap and study the impact of different duration of seed storage on the percent germination, percent germinative energy and percent survival of S. polycephaloides. Single mother tree of lipote served as seed source and collected four times with 10 days interval (T0 – 0 day storage), (T1 – 10 days storage) (T2 – 20 days storage) (T3 – 30 days storage) and sown it simultaneously. One-way ANOVA and Duncan Multiple Range Test post hoc analysis were used to assess the difference among treatments in terms of germination and percent survival indicators. Analysis on the seed storage revealed that there is a significant difference among treatments applied to S. polycephaloides seeds in terms of percent germination and percent survival. Specifically, S. polycephaloides seeds under T2 (20 days of storage) had the highest germination percentage of 93.12% followed by T3 (30 days storage) with 92.5%, T1 (10 days storage) with 81.8%, and T0 (control) with 78.13%. S. polycephaloides seeds under T3 (30 days storage) obtained the highest percent survival of 98.57% compared to T2 (20 days storage), T0 (control), and T1 (10 days storage) obtained 97.27%, 89.65%, and 87.04%, respectively. Both T2 and T3 are significantly higher as compared to the control (T0) (p<.049). Longer storage of seeds appeared to improved germination of S. polycephaloides. The results can be served as basis for future reforestation project and future researches aiming to improve the seed physiological condition of S. polycephaloides under seed storage.


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