Germination sensitivity of Candlenut (Aleurites moluccana Willd) on burning, sowing depth, and positions of seeds in the field

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Research Paper 01/09/2016
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Germination sensitivity of Candlenut (Aleurites moluccana Willd) on burning, sowing depth, and positions of seeds in the field

Basir Achmad
Int. J. Biosci.9( 3), 150-157, September 2016.
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The objective of the research was to assess the germination sensitivity of candlenut on burning, sowing depth, and seed positions in the field. The method used was a factorial in a randomized complete block design. With the least significant difference level of 5%, the results showed that germination rates were significantly sensitive on the interaction of sowing depth and seed positions. The interaction of sowing depth of 4 cm and the face up position yielded the highest germination rates with the average of 36 days. The lowest ones were the seeds sown at the depth of 2 cm with the face-up position, on average of 58 days. The cotyledon opening rates were significantly sensitive on the interaction of the sowing depth and seed positions. The sowing depth of 6 cm with the face-up position yielded the highest cotyledon opening rates, on average of 46 days. The lowest ones were the seeds sown at the depth of 2 cm with the face-up position, on average of 64 days. The seeds that germinated earlier did not automatically open their cotyledons earlier. The highest seed germination percentage was yielded by the sowing depth of 2 cm, on average of 47%. The lowest one was the seeds sown 6 cm deep, on average of 34%. Recommended treatment was the combination of the seeds sown 4 cm deep with the horizontal position. Treatment of seed burning should be done before sowing the seeds or sowing the seeds at 0 cm from the soil surface.


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