Green T: A healthy hybrid clean energy harvester for promoting exercise and mitigating energy problems

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Research Paper 18/04/2023
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Green T: A healthy hybrid clean energy harvester for promoting exercise and mitigating energy problems

Lorenzo V. Sugod
Int. J. Biosci.22( 4), 108-119, April 2023.
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The present technical investigation aimed to fabricate a hybrid alternative power source for immediate solution to a fluctuating and power rationing communities, disaster affected areas, off grid communities, and mitigation of the impact of climate change and at the same time it can be used as an exerciser pedal power permanent magnet alternator for sedentary individual. The research method used was the Technical Developmental Type of research, where the methodology described the factors that contribute to the fabrication of the Green T. Findings revealed that the fabricated Green T: A Healthy Hybrid Clean Energy Harvester is a very good exercise unit that can burn more calories for users per minute compared with the standard sedentary individual thus helping promote healthy lifestyle among its citizenry as an exercising unit through pedaling while they are in the office working their respective task. It is recommended that the fabricated Green T: A Healthy Hybrid Clean Energy Harvester would be utilized as an alternative source of power to off-grid and on-grid communities, to partially solve the energy problem of the country Green T can be used as a spring board research to fabricate new innovations and inventions of more exercising units inside the office without compromising office work outputs and for the office to have an independent power source to energize computers, cellphones and other gadgets.


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