Growth and yield performance of finger pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Django F1 variety as affected by the frequency of spraying with mature coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water stored in various conditions

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Research Paper 01/04/2020
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Growth and yield performance of finger pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Django F1 variety as affected by the frequency of spraying with mature coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water stored in various conditions

Genaro D Omo, Junifer Rey E Tabafunda, Bernardita E Arbollente
J. Bio. Env. Sci.16( 4), 165-172, April 2020.
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This experiment determined the effects of the storing conditions, frequency of spraying and interaction effects of the storing conditions and frequency of spraying with mature coconut water on the growth and yield of the finger pepper. The study was laid out in three blocks and analyzed using a 3 x 5 Factorial Randomized Complete Block Design. The treatments are as follows: Factor A) storing conditions (fresh, refrigerated and room stored), and Factor B) frequency of spraying (no spraying, weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, monthly). The Tukey’s (HSD) Test was used to test the significant difference between treatments. The result showed that plants sprayed with fresh mature coconut water were significantly the earliest to undergo flowering (32.03 DAT), highest yield (7.78tha-1), highest net income (PhP293,960.00) and ROI (303.13%). Likewise, the plants sprayed every three weeks were significantly the tallest (44.45cm) and earliest to undergo fruiting (66.81 DAT), while the plants sprayed every two weeks have the highest yield (9.02tha-1), net income (PhP361,410.00) and ROI (363.90%). Significant interaction effects have been observed in plants sprayed with fresh coconut water every two weeks resulting to highest fruit yield (9.74tha-1), highest net income (PhP410,200.00) and ROI (403.11%). The results implies that spraying with fresh mature coconut water every two weeks will increase the yield, net income, and ROI of the finger pepper, even if the amount of inorganic fertilizer applied was minimal.


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