Growth performance of supa (Sindora supa Merr.) seedlings under various pre-treatments

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Research Paper 28/07/2022
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Growth performance of supa (Sindora supa Merr.) seedlings under various pre-treatments

Cecille C. Diamante, Shierel F. Vallesteros
Int. J. Biosci.21( 1), 244-248, July 2022.
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The study investigated the growth performance of Sindora supa Merr. seedlings under various pre-treatments as follows: hot soaking, cold soaking, mechanical scarification and control. The CRD (completely randomized design) was utilized in this study. Different pre-treatments had a substantial (P > 0.05) impact on height, cholorophyll content, and % survival, but no significant changes were found in the number of leaves and diameter.The study showed about 76% of the seedlings survived under cold soaking compared with hot soaking (28%) and mechanical scarification (24%) respectively. Therefore, it is recommended that cold soaking treatment improves the growth performance of Sindora supa Merr.


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