Heavy metal concentration and contamination assessment in the water of Gibong River in Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

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Research Paper 08/03/2024
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Heavy metal concentration and contamination assessment in the water of Gibong River in Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines

Jeffrey Q. Apat, Nenita D. Palmes, Romeo M. Del Rosario, Maria Teresa M. Fajardo
J. Bio. Env. Sci.24( 3), 43-55, March 2024.
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The study investigated the physicochemical characteristics, temperature, electrical conductivity, turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and heavy metal concentrations in Gibong River waters in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. While pH levels were optimal for agriculture and fishing across all locations, temperature and electrical conductivity showed significant differences. Poblacion had the highest temperature, and La Caridad had the highest electrical conductivity. Turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved solids showed no significant differences among locations. Heavy metal concentrations, including cadmium and cobalt, were generally low. Copper and chromium concentrations were equivalent among stations, with chromium levels approaching or slightly exceeding permissible values. Lead concentrations were significantly higher in New Maug but below the permissible limit. Manganese concentrations were highest in La Caridad but below the permissible limit, while nickel concentrations showed no significant differences. The study’s findings contribute valuable data on physicochemical parameters and heavy metal contamination in Gibong River, informing environmental protection initiatives and policies in Agusan del Sur, Philippines. The results serve as a baseline for ongoing monitoring and management strategies to safeguard water quality in this important tributary of the Agusan River.


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