Home gardens of the local community surrounding Lake Ayamaru, West Papua Province, and its consequences for tourism development and lake conservation

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Research Paper 01/03/2013
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Home gardens of the local community surrounding Lake Ayamaru, West Papua Province, and its consequences for tourism development and lake conservation

Albertho Hendrikus Solossa, Soemarno, Ika Rochjatun Sastrahidayat, Luchman Hakim
J. Bio. Env. Sci.3( 3), 1-11, March 2013.
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The aims of this paper are to analyze home gardens in remotes area in Maybrat district, West Papua province, Indonesia, and its potential contribution to tourism development and Lake Ayamaru conservation. The result of the study shows that principally home gardens have a high biodiversity of plants species. Within the home gardens in Maybrat, the vegetation structure is multi-strata. The plant habits range from small herbs and shrubs to tall trees with dense canopy. These plants species are used for food, medicine and ornamental plants in order to improve the visual quality of settlements. Tuber plant is commonly grown in the home gardens and swidden fields. Other commonly planted plants include medical plant, vegetables, and spices. Ornamental plants with beautiful foliage are more frequent in the home gardens. Attention should be paid to the existence of exotic plants species as these plant species are able to provide negative impacts to the native ecosystem in Maybrat, including Lake Ayamaru. The diverse flora of home gardens allows such ecosystem to support tourism development and lake conservations.


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