Ichthyodiversity and length-weight relationship of mori (Cirrhinus mrigala) in River Indus of D.I. Khan Region, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/02/2019
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Ichthyodiversity and length-weight relationship of mori (Cirrhinus mrigala) in River Indus of D.I. Khan Region, Pakistan

Hameed Ur Rehman, Feroz Khan, Khalid Usman, Noor Ahmed Bangulzai, Abdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Luqman Khan Bazai, Hashim Ud Din, Saifullah Khan, Mohammad Kamil
Int. J. Biosci.14( 2), 305-310, February 2019.
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The current study was to investigate the fish biodiversity and length-weight relationship of Mori fish in river Indus of D.I. Khan. Total of 686 fishes of Mori fish collected from different sites like Gishkuri, 206 (30.02%), Mandhran, 257 (37.47%) and D.I. Khan City, 223 (32.51%) of D.I. Khan in three weeks of month. The mean values of sites like Gishkuri, Mandhran and D.I. Khan City were 29.42, 36.71 and 31.87 respectively. R value was greater than 0.5 so no significant correlations is found between length and weight if value less than 0.5 then some significant correlation are found between length and weight. It was concluded that the harsh rules regulations should be monitored for the conservation of fish biodiversity and control of aquatic pollutions like (pesticides, industrial chemicals etc) and fisheries worker should be active to bane the unlawful angling. Because fishes are responsible for the availability of proteins to the human population.


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