Icthyofauna of River Chenab at Head Trimmu, District Jhang, Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/12/2017
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Icthyofauna of River Chenab at Head Trimmu, District Jhang, Pakistan

Maria Latif, Imtiaz Begum Minhas, Muhammad Zafar Ullah, Samavia Latif
Int. J. Biosci.11( 6), 201-208, December 2017.
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River Chenab is an important wetland in Pakistan supporting diverse fauna and flora. Present study deals with the icthyodiversity of river Chenab at Trimmu Headwork and reports 43 species belonging to six orders, 13 families and 34 genera. On the basis of number and percentage contribution of families to their orders, order Siluriformes was found dominant represented with five families (38.5%) followed by Perciformes (30.7%). Fish species belonging to family Cyprinidae were found dominant (44.2%) in the present collection. Systomus sarana has shown highest value of relative abundance followed by Puntius sophore and Barilius modestus. Population of commercially important fish species has declined in this river due to the various anthropogenic pressures. The values for species diversity, richness and evenness from the study area were 3.56, 13.98 and 0.95 respectively. Conservation measures are strongly recommended for protecting this diverse fish fauna.


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