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Yield stability evaluation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivated on different environments of district Poonch (AJK) Pakistan based upon water-related parameters

By: Shazia Khatoon, Syed Abdul Majid, Asia Bibi, Ghazala Javed, Anila Ulfat

Key Words: Genotype × Environment Interaction; Stability analysis; Relative water content.

Int. J. Agr. Agri. Res. 8(4), 11-21, April 2016.

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Stability of wheat is a key concern in rain fed areas which are influenced by different environmental issues. In rain fed areas to reduce the environmental consequences on wheat production, the best strategy is growing adapted varieties with yield stability. For this purpose, ten wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes were grown at three different locations viz Arja, Rawalakot and Hajira of District Poonch Azad Kashmir to study the stability and performance of different genotypes of wheat based upon water related attributes during 2010-11 and 2011-12 according to Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD).Water related attributes such as cell membrane thermo-stability (CMTS), relative water content (RWC) and stomatal behavior was calculated from flag leaves to check the association of these water related parameters with biological yield of the crop. The genotypes which have more thermostable and that hold optimum relative water content and more stomatal size and frequency were more biological yield as compared to other genotypes. So the Saleem-2000 was the best genotype followed by Wafaq-2001 according to these water related parameters. To check the stability of yield the major parameter of stability was calculated through coefficient of determination Ri^2, mean yield(µ) and regression coefficient (b”i” ). From these stability parameters the genotypes which have above 90 percent coefficient of determination Ri^2, regression coefficient closest to one and high mean yield was most stable as compared to all other genotypes. According to these stability parameters Saleem-2000 was most stable followed by Wafaq-2001 in these three locations of District Poonch (AJK) Pakistan.

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