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Iligan city ambient air pollution: knowledge, awareness, perception and health risk assessment among street vendors and security personnel

Research Paper | August 1, 2016

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BGN Gerodias, LAL Quitos, LDL Maratas

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J. Bio. Env. Sci.9( 2), 265-271, August 2016


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Roadside vendors and security personnel assigned outside commercial establishments are at most risk to traffic-related air pollutants. This study evaluates the knowledge and perception of this high risk population by means of a question-guided interview. A significant number of the subjects (88.10%) reported to be aware of air pollution, but 18.92% of the said population has misconceptions about air pollution. Assessment of the occurrence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases was done through history taking and physical examination conducted by health clinicians and was determined to be of no definite association (p-values ranging 0.2979 – 0.8750) between the occurrence of these conditions with the constant exposure of ambient air pollution.


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Iligan city ambient air pollution: knowledge, awareness, perception and health risk assessment among street vendors and security personnel

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