Impact of climate change on wheat yield using remote sensing technique

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Research Paper 01/05/2021
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Impact of climate change on wheat yield using remote sensing technique

Summra Erum, Sheikh Saeed Ahmad
J. Bio. Env. Sci.18( 5), 71-79, May 2021.
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The present study demonstrates the ability of GIS and RS in capturing the spatial temporal data. The changing climatic conditions in the country effects the agriculture. The impacts of climate change are not only restricted to the agricultural productivity of the Pakistan but changing climate also impose destructive impacts on the Land use change practices. Three districts of Punjab i.e. Attock, Multan and Gujrat were selected for analysis of climatic effect on wheat production. The time span that is used for analyzing the change in these areas was from 1999-2014. Climatic changes are not always negative ones but sometimes climatic changes are favoring the increased agricultural production. As the change in temperature and rainfall pattern affects the crop conditions, which changes the net production. It is concluded that for real time prediction of crop yield satellite remote sensing could be used for timely management of food crisis in Pakistan as well as in the world.


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