Impact of nutrient enrichment on water quality of a tropical Ramsar Wetland

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Research Paper 25/02/2022
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Impact of nutrient enrichment on water quality of a tropical Ramsar Wetland

Nargis Annayat, Mukesh Dixit, Subrata Pani
Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.20( 2), 47-62, February 2022.
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Present study was conducted in Lower Lake of Bhopal which is a part of Bhoj wetland and one of the important resources for the people of Bhopal city. The water body is suffering from severe degree of water quality deterioration due to various anthropogenic activities. Analysis of various physico-chemical parameters of water samples collected from both point and non-point sources indicates that the Lake is moderately polluted and can be used for secondary purposes only after treatment as per standard prescribed by CPCB.


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