In vitro regeneration of Caladium bicolor

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Research Paper 21/04/2023
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In vitro regeneration of Caladium bicolor

KS. Ahmed, ME. Hoque, M. Shamsuzzaman, S. Sultana, MS. Islam
Int. J. Biosci.22( 4), 132-139, April 2023.
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The present experiment was conducted to determine the ideal concentration of different plant growth regulators (BA, Kin, IBA, IAA, and NAA) for in vitro regeneration of Caladium bicolor using shoot tip explants. The work was designed in CRD with three replications. Shoot tip explants gave rise to multiple shoots when cultured on MS medium supplemented with different concentration of BA with IBA. The highest (90%) response of shoot multiplication was obtained in MS medium containing 0.25-1.0mg/L BA + 2.0-2.5mg/L IBA. The regenerated shoots were then rooted on MS medium with different concentrations NAA, IAA and IBA. The maximum frequency of rooting and highest number of roots was produced on medium containing 2.0mg/L IAA. In accordance with average growth characteristics, it was revealed that the combined effect of BA and IBA appeared to be better to individual performance. The plantlets, thus developed were hardened and successfully established in soil. The plants raised through tissue culture exhibited normal growth. Reliable protocols for micropropagation of Caladium bicolor were established, which could be used for large scale production of disease free, high-yielding, and premium quality planting material.


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