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Research Paper | May 1, 2011

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In vivo study on the efficacy of hypoglycemic activity of Spirulina plantesis in long evan rats.

Nurunnahar Fayzunnessa, M Alam Morshed, Azim Uddin, Anzana Parvin, Rahman Saifur.

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Int. J. Biomol. & Biomed.1(1), 27-33, May 2011


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The ethanol extract of Spirulina platensis was investigated for antihyperglycemic effects in Long Evans rats. Three tests were carried out to assess these activities. The extract caused a dose dependent inhibition of glucose absorption and showed hypoglycemic effects at rats weighing from 110 – 150 gram. The anti-diabetic effects were estimated by measuring the amount of glucose in the samples collected after the experiment. The extract at a dose level of 250mg/kg showed significant result (p<0.05) at 15 minutes and the dose level of 500mg/kg showed significant efficacy (p<0.05) at 10 and 15 minutes and the glucose absorption rates were 38.94±0.21, 34.99±1.91 and 40.86±0.07 respectively. The present study explored the extra pancreatic action of the plant in Long Evans rats. This study suggests that ethanol extract of Spirulina platensis has anti-diabetic effects in a dose dependant manner and these may be effective in the treatment of diabetes.


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In vivo study on the efficacy of hypoglycemic activity of Spirulina plantesis in long evan rats.

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