Incidence and distribution of begomoviruses from pothwar region of Pakistan

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Research Paper 01/11/2016
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Incidence and distribution of begomoviruses from pothwar region of Pakistan

Hasan Riaz, Muhammad Ashfaq, Tariq Mukhtar, Muhammad Kausar Nawaz Shah, Saad Imran Malik
J. Bio. Env. Sci.9( 5), 11-16, November 2016.
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Begomoviruses are single stranded whitefly transmitted plant viruses which are responsible for huge economic losses across the world. Several begomovirus infections have been reported from Pakistan in last two decades but there are very less reports of begomoviruses from Pothwar region which lies on the north-eastern part of Pakistan with very diverse vegetation. The study was aimed to estimate the incidence and distribution of begomoviruses in Pothwar region. Plant samples from 17 different plant families were collected and followed by PCR analysis by different primer sets in order to identify the presence of begomoviruses in tested plant samples. The presence of begomoviruses was confirmed in 15 plant families with 77.5% of an overall incidence of begomoviruses and uneven distribution was observed with maximum 32 % in Rawalpindi district of Pothwar region. The incidence was also calculated across plant families where family Solanaceae topped the list with 92 % incidence. The overall picture in Pothwar region was much favourable for begomoviruses spread and their vector whitefly. In present study the results is a glimpse of the huge damage to plants caused by begomoviruses. The region must be thoroughly combined for begomoviruses with large amount of plant samples covering more plant families.


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