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Infestation of helminthes parasite in sheep, Ovis aries (L.) in district Peshawar, Pakistan

Research Paper | February 1, 2013

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Naseer Ullah, Mian Sayed Khan, Muzafar Shah

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Int. J. Biosci.3( 2), 28-34, February 2013

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12692/ijb/3.2.28-34


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Sheep, Ovis aries Linnaeus is lifted for fleece, meat (lamb, hogget or mutton), milk, important for wool, pelts use in agriculture, as dairy animals and as model organisms for science. A survey, occurrence of helminthes parasite in sheep in Peshawar district was conducted during September-December 2010. Helminthes Parasites have been shown to harmfully effect on milk production, reduce breeding effectiveness, reduce weight gains, decrease hair quality, reduce feed efficiency and negatively affect the immune system by decreasing the animal’s ability to fight off other health problems. In this survey from 356 sheep, O. aries the feacal samples were collected from the different areas of Peshawar. During the diagnoses 274 sheep were positive for different internal helminthes parasite and 82 were negative. In the present study 8 species of internal helminthes parasites were identified. During study 1 specie of cestodes with 1.68% of Moniezia expansa and 1 specie of trematodes with 0.56% Fasciola hepatica were identified. There are 6 species of nematodes were reported. Among nematodes with 53.37% of Haemonchus contortus, the high worm load was observed. The other nematodes Trichostrongylus vitrinus 12.92%, Nematodirus spathiger 1.68%, Strongyloides papillosus 3.93%, Ostertagia sp. 2.24% and Trichuris ovis 0.56% were also identified. Further research is required to prevent parasitic infestation in s O. aries.


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Infestation of helminthes parasite in sheep, Ovis aries (L.) in district Peshawar, Pakistan

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