Influence of different ratio of soil and organic fertilizers on growth and yield of strawberry and marigold for rooftop garden

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Research Paper 01/03/2020
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Influence of different ratio of soil and organic fertilizers on growth and yield of strawberry and marigold for rooftop garden

Alak Barman, Swarna Shome
Int. J. Biosci.16( 3), 435-440, March 2020.
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Urban farming with organic fertilizer produces safe food and meet family nutrition. Again, flower production fulfil aesthetic purpose. Considering nutritional and aesthetic purpose, an experiment was conducted in Gazipur (rooftop of Soil Science Division) during the year of 2018-19 to scrutinize the effect of different ratio of soil and organic materials on the growth and yield of fruits and flowers for rooftop garden. The experiment was laid out in a completely randomized design with three replications and consisted of six different treatments viz. T1 = 1 kg Compost for 1 kg soil, T2 = 1 kg Compost for 2 kg soil, T3 = 1 kg Cowdung for 1 kg soil, T4 = 1 kg Cowdung for 2 kg soil, T5 = 1 kg Vermicompost for 1 kg soil & T6 = 1 kg Vermicompost for 2 kg soil. Pot was used for fruit and flower ((v Strawberry (BARI Strawberry -3) and Marigold (Hybreed Inca). Prior to setting the experiments initial soil samples as well as organic fertilizers were analyzed and nutrient status was determined. Pot was used for fruit and flower viz. Strawberry (BARI Strawberry -3) and Marigold (Hybrid Inca). Results revealed that marigold performed better in T5 treatment (1 kg vermicompost for 1 kg soil) in case of all parameters while strawberry showed best performance for all parameters except days to 1st flowering compared to others in the experiments. The lowest yield was recorded from the T4 treatment (1 kg cowdung for 2 kg soil).


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