Influence of source limitation on yield and yield components of wheat

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Research Paper 01/02/2019
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Influence of source limitation on yield and yield components of wheat

Shah Khalid, Imranuddin, Faisal Nadeem, Sikander Azam, Shahid Ali, Nadia, Muhammad Ikramullah, Kamran Khan, Muhammad Idrees
Int. J. Biosci.14( 2), 1-12, February 2019.
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To study the response of wheat spike growth, final grains weight and seed traits to increase assimilate availability by modifying source-sink relationships during the grain growth period in a wheat cultivar “Pirsabak-2013”. A field experiment was conducted to study the influence of source limitation on yield and yield component of wheat at Amir Muhammad Khan Campus, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, during winter season, 2015.  At anthesis stage eight source reduction treatments (normal plant (N) as control, removal of 2nd + 3rd leaf, removal of 2nd + 3rd + 4th leaf, removal of 2nd +4th +5th leaf, removal of 4th + 5th + 6th leaf, removal of 4th + 5th leaf, removal of flag leaf (FLR), removal of all leaves (ALR) were applied. The results indicated that all source limitations significantly affected all observed parameters. Shortest spike (8.9 cm), lowest spike weight (1.4 g), grain spike-1 (32.6 d), thousand grain weight (21.2 g), grain yield (1569 kg ha-1) and biological yield (4588 kg ha-1), seed length (5.4 mm), seed width (2.3 mm), seed thickness (2.2 mm) and lower sphericity (0.55) was recorded in case of all leaves removal followed by flag leaf removal, highest percent deduction was also observed for most of the above parameters in these treatments, while removal 2nd +3rd leaves increased most of the observed parameters followed by or statistically similar with normal. From the results it was concluded that flag leaf is the most important photosynthetic organ during grain filling stage and wheat verity “Pirsabak-2013” is source limited during grain filling, further genetic improvement is needed to increase photosynthetic efficiency of this verity under agro-climate condition of central region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


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