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Influence of source of nitrogen on growth and yield of wheat

Research Paper | January 1, 2015

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MSH Mandal, MH Ali, AKMR Amin, SM Masum, H Mehraj

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Int. J. Agron. Agri. Res.6( 1), 89-95, January 2015


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An experiment was conducted at Agronomy research field, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangladesh from November, 2012 to March, 2013 to find out the influence of source of nitrogen on growth and yield of wheat. The experiment consisted four different sources of nitrogen i.e. No= control (no nitrogen fertilizer), N1= urea super granules (1.8 g) @ 60 kg N/ha, N2= urea super granules (2.7 g) @ 90 kg N/ha and N3= prilled urea (92 kg N/ha) using completely randomized block design with three replication. Maximum plant height (84.3 cm), tiller number (621.1/m2), plant dry matter (18.0 g/m2), leaf area index (1.2), number of effective tiller (234.4/m2), number of spikelets (18.3/spike), number of grains (53.3/spike), 1000-grain weight (52.2 g), grain yield (4.1 t/ha), straw yield (5.5 t/ha), biological yield (9.6 t/ha), harvest index (42.3%) was found from N1 (urea super granules 1.8g) while minimum from N0. Urea super granules (1.8g) @ 60kg N/ha could be used instead of prilled urea to reduce nitrogen fertilizer cost and better production of wheat.


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Influence of source of nitrogen on growth and yield of wheat

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